Mobility Related Markets

In the area of mobility and transport, the availability of information and the access to information is essential, both for the providers and the (potential) users of transport services, vehicles, and infrastructures. This need for information together with the rapid developments in the fields of sensor technologies, and information and communication technologies on the one hand, and the increasing availability of public and personal (real-time) data on the other hand provide the basis for a whole bunch of markets and business opportunities for mobility-related mobile apps and services.

Current app providers are mainly dealing with the following mobility related areas of activity:

Huge amounts of data from various sources form the basis for all these mobility-related apps, and the need for easily accessible and reliable data is further rising by the ongoing trend towards increasing personalisation of apps and inclusion of more and more location-based services. More and more authorities all over Europe open their mobility and traffic related data to the public, and also companies such as e.g., bitcarrier, which developed traffic management systems based on wireless networks scanning Bluetooth and WiFi signals emitted by mobile devices, provide APIs to enable third parties to access their collected real-time traffic information and build apps based upon these data.

However, not only road users need mobility-related information and apps, also the providers of transport services, infrastructure and vehicles do have a need for information and data helping them with planning, operation, improvement, and maintenance of their products and services. The widespread use of smartphones with embedded sensors has led to a steep rise of the amount of sensor-based mobility-related data which is even more increasing with the trends towards Connected Vehicles and Intelligent Infrastructures. All these data form interesting sources of information for providers of transport services, infrastructure and vehicles.

Thus there is a growing mobility-related market for service providers offering solutions for collection, provision, handling, interpretation, reasoning, and storage of mobility-related data from various sources. Several recent and ongoing projects and initiatives (e.g. CITADEL, mobility data cloud project at Fraunhofer GeMo, Euro Lab on Big Data Analytics & Social Mining, etc.) are tackling these challenges. Currently the German Federal Road Agency is developing a “Market Place for Mobility Data”, a metadata platform for individual traffic information, which shall be the central, nationwide portal for easy exchange of current traffic data.

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