Fifth issue of the SIMPLI-CITY newsletter

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the fifth and final SIMPLI-CITY newsletter.

During the last three years, the SIMPLI-CITY project has accomplished an impressive number of scientific and technical results. While being very happy about this, we are at the same time a little bit sad that the project is going to come to an end this month.

Within this newsletter, you will find information about selected project results. Especially, we are giving an overview of SIMPLI-CITY’s major outcomes and achievements as well as exploitable project innovations.

We also want to take the opportunity to invite you to the workshop "Smart Mobility Services for the Smart City: Architectures and Solutions towards a Service Market Place!" at the NewMobilityWorld at the IAA In Frankfurt on the 23rd of September 2015.
Take the opportunity for knowledge exchange and participate at this international workshop.
Find the agenda and the online registration form here:

We hope that you enjoy this fifth issue of the SIMPLI-CITY newsletter, which gives you an overview of the final outcomes and results.

Kindly forward the newsletter to your respective networks.

Prof. S. Dustdar & Dr. S. Schulte
TU Wien