Successful Testing and Integrating Hackathon in Dublin

As the SIMPLI-CITY project is coming to an end, it is time to perfect the prototypes for the final deliverables. In order to do so, at the beginning of September, technical people from each partner gathered together at the IBM Research Center in Dublin, Ireland. Under the lead of Philipp Hoenisch (TUV) and Sergi Martinez Lopez (WORLD), the main focus was on further improving the App for the use cases in WP7, i.e., Routing to a Big Event, and Personalized Traffic Restrictions. After performing a detailed evaluation of the App running on the SIMPLI-CITY Personal Mobility Assistant (PMA), the work has been divided into 4 parts and the developers have been split up into small teams, each working on individual issues:

  • The two speech recognition experts Pontus Lindström (TALK) and Fredrik Kronlid (TALK) optimized the voice input by integrating additional functionalities into the Talkamatic Dialogue Management (TDM) server.


  •  Freddy Lecue (IBM), Richard Meister (TUDA) and Lucas Backert (TUDA) worked on the integration of additional data sources. In addition, the three optimized the location finder on the PMA and integrated additional helper methods which will be needed for further developments.
  •  Arturo Brotons (TIE), Xavier Febrer Jorda (WORLD) and Sergi Martinez Lopez (WORLD) worked on further improvements of the main App.
  • The two PhD students Christoph Hochreiner (TUV) and Philipp Hoenisch (TUV) concentrated on fixing minor bugs on the server side of the SIMPLI-CITY Service Runtime Environment, and integrated additional functionalities into the App e.g., the ability to share arbitrary information to a social network.   

After 4 days of productive work the partners returned back home and will continue finishing the last open issues.

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