End of February the SIMPLI-CITY Project Consortium met in Barcelona for their second Plenary Meeting.

Since the project’s kick-off had been five months before, it was time to have a closer look on the current status of the project and its single tasks.

The important work in work package 2 that deals with the project’s „Vision and Requirements“ was put into focus within this meeting. Not less than four deliverables within this work package are being accomplished step by step, all dealing with the technical aspects of the project. So the functional and technical vision of SIMPLI-CITY is synchronised and defined in a Project Vision Consensus Document. In addition to that, the target market is described within a Target Market Sector Descriptor. A Requirement Analysis offers a requirement specification for the project. The State of the Art report is created in form of an interactive wiki that provides an easy way of updating the content even for people who are not part of the project team. It provides a sound basis of related work, fully utilizes available technology and offers a consistent and easy-to-use literature source for all partners.

At the end of the meeting all project partners got the opportunity to clarify and discuss crucial technical questions.

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