Group of journalists informed about SIMPLI-CITY at the TU Darmstadt

In June 2014, SIMPLI-CITY partner TU Darmstadt welcomed a group of about 15 German journalists to inform them about the activities of the Multimedia Communication Lab in European projects, including SIMPLI-CITY.

The “SIMPLI-CITY” project was presented as a research project that enables smartphones and tablets to deal with a wide range of information in the mobility context. The focus is to bring information from a variety of heterogeneous sources together and make this easily available to the user by multi modal user interfaces. This includes reports about traffic jams, the weather forecast, available parking spaces, connections to public transport, and so on.

This presentation of the “SIMPLI-CITY approach” resulted in multiple press releases. For example the regional newspaper Darmstädter Echo reported that “Simpli-City is the name of the project that intends to develop a European wide system. Daniel Burgstahler, the project manager at the TU Darmstadt, termed this project as an ‘App-Revolution’ in the vehicular area.” The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung stated in an article: “With funding provided by the EU, a novel app for Smartphones and Tablets has been developed at the TU Darmstadt. This app provides information as the timetables of the Deutsche Bahn or the RMV in parallel. Moreover, bikes can be lent or the own car can be navigated around traffic jams by harnessing this app”.

During the interviews and discussions, the journalists identified the great personal commitment of the researchers at TU Darmstadt, which are involved in the EU Project. Furthermore, during these discussions the importance of the European Union’s funding has been highlighted .

This visit of the journalists at TU Darmstadt lead to coverage in different German media:

·         RTL: TV report on June 26th:

·         Darmstädter Echo: Newspaper article on June 26th:;art24719,5169943

In addition, two articles were published in German newspapers. While these articles do not mention SIMPLI-CITY explicitly, they highlight the importance of European Union research funding for the state of Hesse:

·         Die Welt: Newspaper article on June 26th:

·         Frankfurter Neue Presse: Newspaper article on June 26th:;art801,911527

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