A SIMPLI-CITY system has been awarded the 3rd place at the prestigious semantic web challenge of ISWC 2013 in Sydney this year.

The SWC (Semantic Web Challenge) of ISWC was first organized in 2003 to showcase the very latest in semantic web technology, and is open to everyone from industry and academia. Participants can compete in one of two challenge categories: the Open Track and the Big Data Track. The key difference between the two tracks is that the Big Data Track requires the participants to make use of large-scale data sets.

This year the SWC received 17 proposals that made it into the challenge, and the panel of experts finally selected four Open Track Challenge winners and one Big Data Track winner (more information: http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20131030-909839.html).

The system STAR-CITY (Semantic Traffic Analytics and Reasoning for CITY), which focuses on the knowledge representation and reasoning layer of SIMPLI-CITY (i.e., the WP4 [data representation + reasoning] and WP7 [scenario] layer of SIMPLI-CITY), was awarded the 3rd place at the prestigious semantic web challenge of ISWC 2013 in Sydney this year (open data track).

More information at http://challenge.semanticweb.org/2013/winners.html

Abstract of the submitted paper:

F. Lecue, S. Tallevi-Diotallevi, J. Hayes, R. Tucker, V. Bicer, M. Sbodio, P. Tommasi, “STAR-CITY: Semantic Traffic Analytics and Reasoning for CITY”, awarded the 3rd prize at the Semantic Web Challenge 2013

This paper presents STAR-CITY, a system supporting semantic traffic analytics and reasoning for city. STAR-CITY, which integrates (human and machine-based) sensor data using variety of formats, velocities and volumes, has been designed to provide insight on historical and real-time traffic conditions, all supporting efficient urban planning. Our system demonstrates how the severity of road traffic congestion can be smoothly analyzed, diagnosed, explored and predicted using semantic web technologies. Our prototype of semantics-aware traffic analytics and reasoning, experimented in Dublin City Ireland, works and scales efficiently with real, historical together with live and heterogeneous stream data.

The submitted paper can be found at http://challenge.semanticweb.org/2013/submissions/swc2013_submission_11.pdf
A life-running prototype of STAR-CITY can be found at http://dublinked.ie/sandbox/star-city/

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