Research conducted within SIMPLI-CITY has led to the acceptance of two papers at the 2013 IEEE International Conference on Service Oriented Computing and Applications (IEEE SOCA), which is one of the primary scientific conferences on Service-oriented Computing.

The paper "Push vs. Pull: An Energy Perspective" by Daniel Burgstahler, Ulrich Lampe, Nils Richerzhagen and Ralf Steinmetz discusses the usage of different approaches to communicate with mobile sensors, e.g., in order to integrate traffic information from such sensors or information from mobile phones. The paper "Workflow Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Cloud-based Execution of Elastic Processes" by Philipp Hoenisch, Stefan Schulte and Schahram Dustdar discusses the scalability of service frameworks in order to serve a large number of clients, e.g., as part of a "European Wide Service Platform" as envisioned in SIMPLI-CITY.

In addition, research from SIMPLI-CITY has been accepted for publication in the prestigious Pervasive and Mobile Computing journal. Within the paper "Decision Support for Web Service Adaptation" by Apostolos Papageorgiou, André Miede, Stefan Schulte, Dieter Schuller and Ralf Steinmetz, the authors discuss lightweight alternatives for mobile service consumption, as foreseen between the Mobility Service Framework and the Personal Mobility Assistant in SIMPLI-CITY.

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